Expatriate Consulting

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Over the last 10 years we achieved professional skills in international tax law and management of global mobility programmes and therefore offer professional advice in this field.

On the one hand we established a cross-professional specialist-network in Austria. This comprehensive approach guarantees we can answer your questions regarding labour law, tax law, right of residence and social security law linked to assignment processes and moreover questions concerning integration during and after the secondment promptly and efficiently.

On the other hand we intensified our international contacts with expatriate-specialists. Since 2016 Martin Seidl is member oft he Global Mobiliy Service Group – a pool of international experts from our alliance Alliott Group. Regular attendances at conferences and exhibitions for HR specialists combined with participation at publications lead to a trusted cooperation with active exchange of news and developments.

For more information go to www.alliottgroup.net/globalmobility where you can find out more about the main topics:

  • Tax and Social Security
  • Immigration, Work Permits & Visas
  • Employment Law Services

Additionally you can find a directory of almost 100 global mobility experts from 65 countries – we gladly make contact with the specialist in your preferred country.

Periodically publications and case studies are released. The articles are based on questions expatriate-experts are confronted with in der daily lives and deliver practical and accurately explained solutions.

Each case of secondment is individual: If you have questions regarding expatriates and working abroad please contact us.