Special subjects

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Internal Control System

Economical needs and commercial laws require the establishment of an internal control system as well as a risk management system. We guide and consult you with the configuration and implementation of your customised and efficient internal control system and risk management system.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The transfer of companies, shares etc. requires a due diligence assessment to discover relevant chances and risks. We accomplish this assessment for you in the areas of taxes, finance, earnings, assets and business model as well as information technology. Our long-term experience in cooperation with lawyers allows us an integrated analysis of all legal questions (including IT due diligence). Furthermore we support you in all fiscal matters, the valuation of companies and brands and all from the law required special audits.

Internal Revision

The law as well as economic needs require more and more the establishment and enforcement of an internal revision. For that reason we analyse the risk management system and the steering, governance and targets of business processes.

External Revision

With the statutory audit we can create value added for your company: because of the professional and efficient assessment of the information technology (IT) and the internal control system we detect opportunities and threats of the controlling, security, and efficiency of your company.

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